Is there anywhere i can check if a car has outstanding finance for free

Found 26th Apr 2013
Everywhere i look charges you for this service, was hoping that someone might know a free version of this service
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No I don't believe so
No there is nowhere free for this. Are you buying private or from garage?
Can't do this free, to the best of my knowledge. An HPI check will cost about £20 ish....don't be tempted to get a cheaper one as it might not be accurate. Try RAC or Glass's or somewhere similar.
An HPI check will tell you;

Is it stolen?
Is it an insurance write-off?
Has it got outstanding finance?
Has it had previous plates?
Do the number plates match the chassis number?
Does the car match the latest DVLA data?
Does it have any mileage discrepancies?
Is it at risk of being sold illegally?
Does it have a stolen V5/logbook?

This is a link to HPI from Glass's
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