Is there away of creating a portable music database from Itunes

    I've got to the point now with cd's that I can't remember what i've got (my wife says i should just stop buying them) in an ideal world i'd have an iphone App that would be created from itunes that would update as itunes updates itself but doesn't involve the music being on the iphone as i guess a 1TB iphone is a long way off.
    does anyone know of such a thing or how i might go about creating such a thing




    Not sure what you are asking for. As you said unless you have less music than the capacity of your iPhone you have to select the tracks you want to load and that is what iTunes is good at. If you don't have loads of music Spotify is great. You can use Orb to stream music from your PC to your iPhone but I found it to run like a dog. I assume you know about the Remote App which is great for controlling your iTunes at dinner parties?

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    Hi thanks so far and yes spotify is great and the remote app also good but its a more fundamental thing - i have the best part of 2k cd's and when out shopping (particually 2nd hand) quite often i'll buy something get home and find that i already have it. i'd like to create a list from Itunes of everything i have so not to keep buying the same stuff and ideally i would hope to do this without having to re- enter all the cd details into the computer again
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