is there oil in your garden?? -

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Found 24th Jul 2008
ok i knew about north sea oil - but didnt realise there are oil platforms - whatever you call them on land in uk - woohoo

black gold - need a drill a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig one!!

Al Fayed given oil wells payout

Harrods boss Mohamed Al Fayed has won a stake in £7m profits from oil pumped from under his estate in Surrey without his knowledge.

The High Court was told Star Energy owned three wells drilled diagonally at its Palmers Wood oilfield which passed under Mr Al Fayed's land in Oxted.

Mr Al Fayed did know for 17 years that the wells ran 800ft beneath Barrow Green Court and Barrow Green Farm.

The court ruled the company had trespassed on Mr Al Fayed's land.

But Mr Justice Peter Smith said Mr Al Fayed had no claim to the oil itself, which belonged to the Crown.

Multi-millionaire Mr Al Fayed sued Star Energy through his company Bocardo, claiming 12.5% of the income from the wells.

Production from the wells, initially 9,000 barrels a month, began in October 1990 but had now reduced to 2,000 barrels, the judge said…stm


They stole his milkshake
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