Is there something i can download to delete all info from computer?

    I'm sure i've heard of it before but would like a recommendation what to use please.

    Before i pass on my old computer i want to be sure everything is wiped off.

    Thanks in advance xx

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    you should really format your computer...

    Just format the drive, that should suffice. Unless you're prepared to spend money on getting it professionally cleaned/wiped, I'd say formatting it will be fine

    format as long as you have the windows disk

    Format your Hard Drive.

    If you're really worried about sensitive stuff like documents..use a program that permanently deletes the documents that prevent data retrieval.

    here's a link to file shredder


    Yeah a format and fresh install of windows should be fine... unless you are passing it on to a secret technology spy friend? lol

    Yeah I would just reinstall windows completely. That should sort it.

    yeah, i concur with chipsticks...unless you're giving it to a serious hardcore tech guy/company, format and fresh install of any OS should be fine

    DBAN, free and does the job:

    Just put it on CD/Floppy/USB, reboot your computer, let it do its job
    then kick yourself afterwards for forgetting to copy a file you really wanted to keep which is now unrecoverable.

    But seriously use it, it'll wipe the disc.

    Just to clarify the situation.

    Just DELETING a file from your hard disk (say from within Windows) does NOT delete the file off the hard disk. It only deletes the POINTER to the file and the "deleted" file is easily recovered.

    While a format is better, files can still be recoverd off a formatted hard drive. (A really determined person, such as the police or secret service, can recover data off a hard disk that has been formatted MANY imes)

    I agree with user above, use the DBAN product. This will write random data all over the hard disk multiple times, removing all traces of old data. Everyone selling a computer or hard disk should always use DBAN before getting rid of it.

    This may seem like overkill but in these days of identity theft you can never be too careful. There has been cases of criminals buying old computers and hard disks JUST to get the data off them.

    Read here how much personal data can be retrieved from hard disks…tml

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    Thanks for all the replies, i personally have no idea what most of you are talking about hehe but i'll show hubby so he can decide what to use. We dont have an awful lot of info on there but you cant be too careful. I know we do have genuine windows but not sure where the disc is??

    agree with the above comments

    formating and reinstalling windows wont do the trick. Use DBAN or eraser ( as an alternative

    Yes as already said , you need the program that writes zeros and ones to the disk . Formatting the drive ,just leaves the drive open to recovery .

    get killdisk its on 10 day trial, wipes out your harddrive, only needs an operating systm reinsterted then its ok, FORMATTING only covers your data, anyone with a recovery prog can read it, even if you formatted it loads of times.

    Original Poster

    If i do the dban thing will windows still be on the computer?

    Thanks again for the replies, have left rep xx
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