Is there such a thing as a baby record book with no mention of the father?? Thanks

Found 17th Dec 2009
A friend's daughter is having a baby but the father isn't around and wants nothing to do with them. (To be honest she's prob better off anyway....) It's the first grandchild and everyone is really excited. My friend wants to get one of those baby record books but they all have things to do with the father i.e. Daddy's name, picture of Daddy etc. Does anybody know where I can get one for her without this? Or even if they do them? Online would be better as we live in a quiet town with not many big stores.
Thanks for any help.
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Why don't you get a scrap book, book and make the pages your self ?

you can get big 12" x 12" and then buy the papers to put in them, I know you can get baby theamed papers in the £1 store / poundland

they do 8" x 8" ones aswell

250549791454 this one on ebay is nice
Have found this site amougst a few but could be worth a phone call as seem to do a varied range and may be able to help.
Maybe you could buy one of the normal books and if it mentions the father stick a home made page over it or a photo/scan pic ect. Not seen one without a father mentioned, maybe you have found a gap in the market
Thanks for the help guys. Yeah it doesn't look like there is such a thing, which is a shame. She'll have to get a scrapbook and stick pics and write info down. I would have thought something would have been available for single parent families.
Thanks anyway.
There are books in America by the looks of it, this one has removable pages so it might be worth looking into whether it's available over here. baby-memory-books.com/And…htm
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