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Is there such a thing as a corrupt SIM card?

Posted 17th Aug 2013
If so, can it affect the workings of a mobile phone?

The software on my HTC Sensation XE, completely out of the blue, started to generate regular random error messages when trying to use various functions.

I sent the phone away to HTC for repair so reverted back to my HTC HD2 and that has now developed an issue where it no longer rings when a call comes in. Previously, I have never had an issue with this phone.

The only common factor to both these phones is my SIM card, hence, the question.
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It seems as though it's possible for a SIM card to become corrupted. I wouldn't be able to elaborate further and I'm sure someone with more knowledge on the subject than I will be able to shed some more light on it, but my first guess would be that the SIM card is corrupted and it is possible for them to become corrupted.
I'd definitely say it's feasible, but not sure how it would affect your phone. Have you Googled this to see if anyone else is affected? I've had it before where SIM cards at our company become corrupt, although it seems odd that this seems feasible, but on several ocassions, replacing it has almost always fixed the issues immediately. This has in all cases been for Blackberry devices, so can't comment on the HTC. However, we do have some people at our office with Android phone issues, but it's usually just them

That said, it should be free, and relatively hassle free to contact your provider for a new SIM card (although they might cut you off while you wait for the replacement).
I would think it's possible although it seems an unusual error to get from a sim card, my HTC Desire HD used to give me random "cannot detect sim card" messages and needed to be re-started to get it working again. Not had it since I changed to another sim card.
I've had A SIM card that became corrupt, it was a while ago now but it did mess up my phone, which was fixed with a new sim.
Put another sim in the phone and make test calls.
Thanks all to who replied.

I now have a new SIM card but, before using it, have a follow up question here: hotukdeals.com/tag…317
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