Is there such thing as a 3 wheeler travel system pram for twins???

    Hi, My niece is expecting twin girls in the spring of next year, and is struggling to find a suitable pram for them at a reasonable price.
    She would ideally like a 3 wheeler travel system with car seats. We're both not even sure if they exist.
    It would be really great if somebody could give us some ideas or advice.

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    Kiddicare have this one, you should be able to shop around and get it cheaper, it says suitable from newborn if used with car seats so it does exactly what she needs.


    I don't have twins but I do have a baby and a toddler

    What I use is a Janes Powertwin and I think it's brilliant

    They are quite expensive but I managed to find a cheap one 2nd hand and it came with 2 Rebel car seats

    I find it easier to push 2 in this than I do the baby on his own in the Loola

    If you have any further questions just give me a shout

    On sale here at ]babyworld

    or for £320 delivered on Ebay Item number: 200262008146

    Is there any reason it has to be a three wheeler? Having had a baby and young toddler we had three twin prams, and I found the three wheeler to be much heavy, bigger when folded and more difficult to get into the car. I would really suggest that before she buys any of these (especially as they are so expensive,) she should go look at them and maybe even try getting it into her car - some good pram shops will allow you to do this. good luck

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    Thank-you everyone for ur ideas. I'll have a look now.x

    I also had the jane powertwin for my new baby and toddler. I used one rebel car seat on it and it was fantastic.

    I did have the twin techno side by side double pram and wouldn't recommend it. It was really hard to manouvre. The powertwin can be steered with just one hand.

    The powertwins wheels are also removable so fitted in my boot with room to spare.

    Hi I had a twin three wheeler for my children when they where younger, I had a Kidz Kargo jogger and it was great except when they got older I had a problem with it toppling just thought I could mention worth thinking about if your local pavements are uneven like ours
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