Is there too much going on in the car?

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Found 4th Jul 2007
I'm old enough to remember the old radios in cars that consisted of four large buttons that you pushed in to get pre set stations. If you wanted more you turned the knob left or right. They were happy times, that was about it in those days for in car entertainment and if you needed to make a phone call you drove around until you found a telephone box and there were a lot of them about.

Now it's CD's, mp3's and dvd's. Not to mention GPS systems and speed camera detectors with built in radar detector, kids playing games or watching movies in the back. There are bluetooth phone systems, some on speakers and some using a headset. It seems one power plug in a car is just not enough these days. I myself have a three way adapter in my car to handle the extra devices.

With more cars on the road now and the standard of driving getting worse seemingly by the day is there now too much going on in cars? Are the distractions just making things a lot worse?

I know there's a law against using mobile phones but I've seen no decrease in their useage. What is the answer? Is there an answer?

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I'd imagine convergence will soon step in as it has in most other consumer electronics areas, and most the devices mentioned above will all be controlled by a central computer of sorts (already is in largely in high end vehicles), which will no doubt have its main controls somewhere around the dash/centre console. Maybe the iPhone and Microsoft's initiatives will increase the use in touch screen and gesture controls, so you might just have a big screen...

I wouldn't be surprised if new laws were passed prohibiting certain distractions - I could see a legal 'noise' limit being enforced and a ban on moving images/video in the front of a vehicle in the next few years.

I'm old enough to remember a radio being an optional extra. :giggle:

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Does anyone thing that cars will use HUD style displays for gps in the future? I know some cars already have a form of HUD (again high end) for some of the gauges.
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