is this 4k tv good for ps4 gaming?


    dont know.. but remember quidco are offering 10% cashback so maybe 32 quid off that

    If you are after a 4k TV, make sure it's at least 55". Plenty of guides online.

    Only the ps4 pro is 4k compatible, also theres no 4k games made yet. So in order to get full 4k make sure you have a hdr tv and ps4 pro

    Yes it is. As solo12 mentioned to get the most out of 4K ps4 gaminh you not only need 4K but HDR.

    Furthermore you need HDR10 (8 bit HDR isn't sufficient).

    LG call HDR10 HDR Pro and this model has it.

    Will look stunning with ps4 pro

    Games aren't native 4K yet but there are 4K games available such as uncharted 4, last guardian, tomb raider and few others. These 3 are 4K but also have HDR support so look as good as graphics can get right now on consoles
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