is this 50'inch plasma tv any good ?

    hi folks i'm thinkin about purchasing this tv

    SAMSUNG PS50C7HDX Flat Panel plasma TV off dixons website,…jsp?BV_SessionID=@@@@1055699851.1177023362@@@@&BV_EngineID=ccciaddkjljejdjcflgceggdhhmdfhn.0&category_oid=-28723&sku=652869&page=Product&fm=11&sm=undefined&tm=undefined

    any thoughts people ? is it any good >? :oops:

    also are egg still offering 10% discount off dixons by using their egg card ?


    Samsung panels are the best around and they are also fitted to Sony and other top brand Tvs for this reason.

    My oppinion is your can't go wrong with a Samsung.

    p.s i am a Samsung owner for this reason.

    there are loads of plasmas out there a lot better than the samsung pioneers take some beating


    £50 off aswell

    I have this one, bought it when it was 2 grand!!! The picture is great, HD quality takes some beating.

    At that price I would definately recommend it.

    My only complaint is that it only has one hdmi input. had to get a switch to run all the stuff I put into it!!

    I have the 42inch version, I cannot complain, other than agree with the above having one hdmi. Can't have it all, I got it for £20 more than what Dixons are selling for, but it came with a stand and a home cinema system (fair enough it's LG, but can't complain)

    its not 1080p though, get a 42"+ LCD so you can use 1080p is my opinion.
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