Is this a decent digital camera

    hi i wondered if anyone could help, im after a new digital camera for hols in may and ive

    seen this one from currys, Pentax E35 for £49.99.
    Is this a good camera? Just need it for hol and family snaps, prob only print standard size, a4 would be biggest

    If not can anyone recomend any good ones round about the same price, poss pay more for a good deal.

    Theres an argos clearance shop nearby in stanley so going to look there on sat before i buy one, so a heads up on any good ones that i could look ou for would be great.

    Thanks in advance for any help


    thats a great little camera for the price (and for £65.00 you can get a 1gb and a case too which isnt bad for the high street)

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    Thanks for the reply, lookin at the medion (sp) from morrisons at first but im sure i read somewhere that pentax is a good make for cameras so think ill prob get it, unless anyone can think of any better ones

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    so i guess this is the best deal for a camera of this price

    This is a good place to look for reviews

    Or just type Pentax E35 review into google and see what you find.

    Hope this helps.

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    Thanks for your replies i ended up gettin a sony cybershot w55 for £62 so im quiet pleased as read some good reviews it has the carl zeiss lense which ive heard is supposed to be good, just on the lookout for a cheap memory stick duo for it now, thinkin deal extreme just hope it comes in time for hols

    Bought a digital camera for my daughter (aged 10 ) - see here -…8-1

    She has no trouble using it although she has several hundred pictures of her dolls and our dog!!

    Its under £50, the detail is excellent and its super simple to use - does video with sound as well plus its normal size SD card so dead cheap to buy cards and all readers in PC's , ps3's etc have the slot. Large back screen too.

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