Is this a decent enough camera??

    Looking for a digital camera, nothing too fancy as its really only to take pictures of the weans and occasional video, last camera was a Kodak but after 1 to many drops it decided to give up on me.

    Was looking at this one, but can't seem to see any reviews for it so wondered if anyone knew or had one.



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    get something else and you don't need 14mp7mp in a decent brand who be … get something else and you don't need 14mp7mp in a decent brand who be fine

    My kodak one was only 6mp and I thought the photos it took were excellent, guess with this one was looking more at the price reduction, although can't seem to find it being sold elsewhere so can't compare.

    Lens quality > Pixels.

    Panasonic do great compacts as do Canon and Sony.

    Whats's your budget?

    If you want decent pics, I wouldn't advise that camera. Also as already mentioned, more megapixels=better picture quality is a myth.

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    Budget probably around about the £60 mark and I've seen people say before about the megapixels thing.

    How long do you intend to keep the camera for. I recommend that you stay away from this one purely from a brand and quality point of view.Go to a store like currys or PC world and use the cameras and you will see what I mean.

    If you can collect enough £ get a canon ixus 100 (129£ at currys or it will last you many years and will give you great images!

    If you cant get that one - look in to other canons as they are a lot better than Hitachi who arnt known for making cameras. Low end Nikon,Sony.Olympus would be a better buy that that hitachi.
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    Lens quality > Pixels. :pPanasonic do great compacts as do Canon and Sony.


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    Thanks everyone, don't think I'll be getting the one that I originally posted.

    The Canon Ixus 100 looks very fancy but right now the budget won't stretch that far.

    Found a sony one at jessops with £40 off but the nearest stock is Livingston.


    Of all the argos ones under £60 i'd go for the Canon A490 559/3677

    These are good compacts.

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    Wish I could leave you all rep.

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    I'm also looking and someone found this one - also do it in blue for 52.98


    Any cameras you're considering then check out reviews on either or If you don't want to read all the testing stuff, just look at the conclusions about each model. They both have lists of 'best cameras' and you can also search by price on those lists.
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