is this a decent gaming PC for £500

    ADMI ULTRA GAMING PC - AMD FX-6350 High Spec Red LED Home, Family, Multimedia Desktop Gaming Computer with Platinum Warranty: Powerful Six Core 4.20GHz Turbo CPU, NVIDIA GTX 750Ti 2GB HDMI Graphics Card, 8GB 1600MHz DDR3 RAM, 1TB Hard Drive Storage, HDMI Output 1080p, High Speed USB 3.0, 150Mbps WiFi included, Pre-Installed with Windows 10 Operating System
    This is from amazon and from the Q&A it runs pretty much anything at good settings obviously checking on here from honest people is more convincing. Thanks to all the previous help I've had.


    that's pretty poor mate tbh. the six core CPU sounds great, but amd chips aren't the best around nowadays. am sure there's been better options posted lately? will have a look.

    the one you posted here…683 is better than this one by a mile, and cheaper.

    Yeah, very expensive and not that great

    As I said on your previous desktop question, it depends on what your going to play, so if it's tomb raider or Battlefield 1. Google the recommended specs for the game then search for desktops that contain those parts....... Simple, hope it helps

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    the one you posted here … the one you posted here is better than this one by a mile, and cheaper.

    Wouldn't never of thought that haha, I've been looking for days now I've seen a asus ROG G20 i7 12ram gtx 750 1tbhdd windows 8 upgradable to 10 he wants £550 I've said 400 as I've seen one that didn't sell for that on eBay

    a pc with an ssd will run a heck of a lot quicker than one with a 1tb hd...
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