Is this a good bargain for a laptop?

    I was looking for a laptop with max price of around £300 but found this on Ebay for a little more (Item number 300163477784)

    Is this a decent price?

    Thanks in advance for replies


    its seem great mate IMO, I think you would need to expand the ram to 2GB as 1GB might not be enough if you want to use your laptop at a good speed.

    £45 postage?

    Original Poster

    £45 postage as it is coming from the US, think I will try to get some finances sorted to buy it.

    It's got a CPU 400MHz slower than the same-price Dell Vostro, half as much memory, and despite the seller's assurances (and I assume, willingness to commit fraud by marking it as a gift), you still might get hit by VAT. Add to that that there may be no warranty on it, and it's probably one to avoid.
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