Is this a good deal?

    A friend is selling some of his unused AV equipment and I have been offered a Pioneer 50" Plasma Tv (2 years old but in perfect condition) Model: PDP505XDE and a Pioneer DVD Player DVLX50 (new and boxed) for the princely sum of £1000.

    Now I know nothing about this sort of thing but do need a new setup for my living room.

    Question is, is this a good deal? Is the TV a good one or do I need to hold out for a 1080P that everyone raves about? What resolution does this run at then or would I be buying old technology? Not sure about the DVD player as I already have one but is that any good as well?

    Many thanks for any advice in advance. I have to let him know tommorow!



    It would be for him :-)

    Same with ukpbz you can pick up a 50inch lcd for £700-800ish.


    a thousand pound for something with no guarentee, its a good deal for one of you but it aint you:thumbsup:

    What your friend is doing sounds illegal.

    You might be down 1 'large' plus a TV screen.

    big no no

    .... computer says NO!!!

    You can not blame someone for trying to claw some money back before the people come in and start taking a % of the cut priced amount they get for your stuff. But yes its not really something you want to shout about doing.

    Original Poster

    Ok lets just say I have been offered it second hand then. Are these any good for the price?

    Offer him £400 :thumbsup:

    Original Poster

    ok forget the source and price. Is this a good telly or a duffer? does 1080P matter?

    Google Pioneer PDP505XDE, and then scroll down to one of the hits that says "Review", then do the same for the DVD player.

    Not a good deal, as you can get a brand new - electronically up to date screen and dvd player - if bought from John Lewis and pricematched - with a five year guarantee for the same money.

    So why pay the same for an out of date out of guarantee model?

    No doubt it cost many thousands when new, but the price of these halves every 9-18 months!

    So two years ago would be 2-3 times the £1000 being asked for now - yet you could buy a similar sized screen brand new today for the same money


    £500 max for both I would estimate.


    2 years ago this set would have been £2500 - and still is a good set.

    However, like my own Plasma, which I paid £1800 for 18 months ago, a better set is now available for £650 - and would come with a warrenty!

    Going by that, this set would probably be around the £750 mark new now. So £1000 isnt a good price. (Forget the DVD player - its irrelivant.)

    If he dropped the price to £500, then fair enough, if not, dont buy it.
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