Is this a good deal?

    I have been offered a DSLR camera from a friend.

    It is a Nikon D40 with the kit lense, a telephoto/macro lens (28mm - 300m) and a flash gun.

    All for £250.00

    Is this a good deal, I have searched the web and from the prices I have seen it looks good enough.


    have a ]look here to see all the cameras, lenses etc .. looks good to me

    offer them £200 for even a better deal

    You can get d40 brand new with a lens and a 2 year waranty for around £230 after discounts and cashback ! look at the post on here

    If it's genuinely a 28-300 that works with the D40, that's a Tamron, in itself worth £400 (new). So yes, £250 is a good deal. However, there are other cheaper 28-300s that don't work with the D40 (no autofocus), if it's one of them there are substantially cheaper ones and they won't be a lot of use to you. Flash gun is nice, without details I don't know if it's going to be more useful than the built in flash though!
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