Is this a good deal?

Found 26th Jan
Basically I can buy a second hand Laurus 43” 4K TV for 200 pounds. Is this worth or am I better off sticking my money somewhere else?
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Well new low end 4k TVs start at about £300 so probably not best to buy an old low end TV that's potentially god know how many years old. I got a 40inch Samsung in a deal not to long ago for ~£280.

Laurus brand only exists from pay monthly companies in the UK else they get rebaged by other companies, so I would also be sure of who you are buying it off before you buy it.
not worth it
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Laurus TVs are cheap TVs supplied by Perfect Home, the rip off weekly payment store that's very similar to BrightHouse.

More than likely the person who currently has the TV has fallen behind on their weekly payments for it and are trying to shaft the company by selling it instead of giving it back.

They probably need the money for fags or booze, bless them.
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