Is this a good deal?

    Hi I know this is repetitive but I would really apprecciate your input.
    I went to Phones4u and they offered me the following deal:

    [* N95 Free on
    [* Vodafone Anytime Internet 45 (I think this is a new tariff) 750min - 300 txt - unlimited net
    [* for £45 a month
    [* £60 cash back (which they said would bring the monthly cost to £40pm)

    Also I have read about Voda and Orange being "crippled" with regards to VOIP and Nip (I think) but also read you can "de-brand" it online.

    Also is it true that 02 mobile phones come unlocked and without all this "firmware" and is it a good network? Also thinking about Virgin Mobile, any thought on this?

    I would really apprecciate your replies even if it's on only one of my many questions


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    Anyone? Someone must have an opinion here :whistling:

    been on vodaphone, orange & O2. with the latter being the best and cheapest for me, so id go for O2

    Seems a bit expensive for £40 per month !!

    Phone will be crippled with Voda software - go O2 if possible

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    I find the tariffs on O2 website a bit confusing :? and does anyone know how they charge for Internet browsing ?
    I am currently on 3 and pay £35 for 400m & 250 txt 25 pic msg 25min video calls 25 media mess and £5 download. I would like a similar line rental but more call minutes and not havign to worry about net browising.


    im on 02 paying 35 a month and i get 600 mins and 1000 txts...…ffs

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    Ok I think I almost worked the tariff out. Online 35 - 300m talk time 500 txt and Long Weekend Talk for 6 month for £35 a month but I have to pay £89.99 for the N96. Does anyone know if I can get a better deal from O2, phone or visit a branch? Or another net site? Thanks

    If you hold out for a couple of weeks, some new tariffs are being released......

    How about the Nokia n95 on orange, Dolphin £35 with 500 minutes and unlimited texts. Handset cost if £29.99 and it is on a 18 month contract.

    I really like this handset but dont want to be paying too much a month - do you think this is a good deal??

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    I think that it does sound a good deal, but usually 18 months contract do offers better deals (after all they money they make in the mean time) but personally I was looking for a 12 months contract and the tariff I quoted is for a 12`months contract.
    Also I dont know if you are aware but it seems that Orange and Voda add their own firmware that disables a couple of the phone functions (VIOP and another i cant remember) and some have experienced the phone crashing as a result :-( that is my reason for looking at o2 which I belive (someone pls correct me if I m wrong, unbranded and unlocked)


    Gosh Bikebarbie - you have been doing your homework!! Thanks for that.

    O2 do brand, but it's VERY minimal & doesnt stop any of the existing functions


    If you hold out for a couple of weeks, some new tariffs are being … If you hold out for a couple of weeks, some new tariffs are being released......

    Is it 02 that are releasing the new tarrifs? I am after this phone with and am with 02, my contract is up but can't get a very good deal with them, so may hang on if you think something better might come along in next week or so.


    The info on there is a bit misleading..........looks like the Stacey lady works on the phones & is picking up 2nd hand info

    Just been on to 02 (like banging my head against brick wall!), they told me that if you use the sat nav on the N95 you pay everytime it gives you an instruction, i.e. everytime you turn left or right you pay. Does anyone know if this is correct? Don't know if she was just saying it because I didn't want any other phone.

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    on the N95 you pay everytime it gives you an instruction, i.e. everytime … on the N95 you pay everytime it gives you an instruction, i.e. everytime you turn left or right you pay

    I doubt that very much but can anyone confirm/deny this? :?

    goodersuk your post urged me to contact o2 and I must say first impression was not good. For someone like me who has never been an o2 network and contacting sales (who i expect should be very keen to say the least) the person on the other side was so unfriendly and incompetent.
    And reading around a few threads on MSE a few people are complaining and I know that there will always be someone unhappy with a service provider but now I am at a loss and almost "scared" to sign up for fear of bad customer service experience/lack of opportunities with regards to upgrades and tariffs...

    I really want the N95 but dont want the firmware some companies add, namely I am aware of Orange and Vodafone to do this.
    Can anyone PLEASE confirm if Virgin, Three, T-mobile also add the firmware? I may have to look elsewhere from o2 if I have to go by my first impression

    Please help clear my mind I am soooo confused :cry:

    Bikebarbie I have been with 02 for a few years and never had any problems before, but they just don't seem to want to part with the N95. I have asked the same question about the satnav on mse and have been told that they are talking rubbish. You can use the sat nav for free but if you want the voices etc it is about £40-50 for 3 years. Too tired to phone them tonight but hay have another go tomorrow. :thumbsup:

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    hi gooders thansk for your reply, please let me know what they say and good luck! :thumbsup:
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