Is this a good deal ?

    Call me thick, but I want to buy my kids a nintendo wii but haven't got a clue what I've got to get with it like the controllers and all that! Its all new to me so if anybody could guide me down the right road I'd really appreciate it ..TIA……166


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    nah don't know any (damn) , thanks anyway.

    Most stores are selling for £179.99 instore for the console with wii sports. I wouldn't bother buying any of the value packs that includes games for £205+ because you can find them cheaper here.

    Depending on your children's ages, here's just a few examples;

    happy feet…527

    resident evil…380

    all games…422

    The new big brain academy can be found on asda online for about £15 as well.

    With you having more than one child you may want to buy another controller and nunchuck. Controllers are normally around £30 but for an extra £5 you can buy wii play that has a controller with it. Nunchucks are around £15, but if you search through the forums somebody else may have found a decent deal.

    Good luck, but if you need any help just give me a shout.


    I think the wii is over rated, give your kids a month and they will be bored of it

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    thanks for all your help everybody I want to get it right because its quite a lot of money to spend if I get the wrong bits (controllers ect)
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