is this a good deal (desktop pc_

    hi all been offered this from a friend

    elling my Custom Built PC - Core2Duo E6600 2.4GHz / Motherboard / 4GB Dual Channel Memory / Geforce 8800GTS / 320GB SATAII HDD / 700w PSU /
    Case+Fans+All spare Cables etc (No Monitor)

    he is looking for 150 it comes with a cracked windows 7 and office

    My current desktop is 6 or so years old and although still ok is starting to show its age

    any thoughts on whether this is a good deal for me? (its a custom built unit btw)



    comes with a cracked windows 7 and office

    This is illegal so you should not buy the PC with this on it

    id try and knock him down to nearer 100-120 tbh
    and stick with dodgy windows just use it as leverage

    Edited by: "leemole101" 18th Sep 2010

    Where can you buy 4GB branded ram for £45?
    I'll have a couple of dozen of them
    Edited by: "karenhornby" 18th Sep 2010

    Original Poster

    ok obviously i shudnt buy a dodgy version of windows e.t.c

    on a further note would this system be adequate for a good few years?

    I'll take a bucket of ram at your prices too please!

    yep i think its worth the price

    Original Poster

    cheers guys

    have offered 140 see what happens
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