Is this a good deal? Digital Camera Question

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Found 5th Mar 2009…752

i really really want this camera! Shall i get it?


Dont know about the camera, but the website is dodgy its based in USA so you may get hit with customs, some people on MSE complaining about them

You can get it for a simalar price in the UK

I've not heard anything good about the bestpricedbrands website. As deanos says, you may well end up with customs and VAT charges on top of what you pay, plus it will probably take a long time to arrive and probably won't have a UK warranty.

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customs charge doesnt matter, i get work to pay for it


Review … Review here

That's not a bad review - if it's a bit down on value that won't matter at a reduced price.

What's the camera going to be used for?

Shame there's no review on Steve's Digicams.
It might be worth a look at their "best cameras" page before you make your final decision:…tml


customs charge doesnt matter, i get work to pay for it

Sending it back to USA will be a PITA if it goes faulty too, stick to buying in UK
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