Is this a good deal? ***DW Fitness Gym Membership***

Posted 29th Jun 2016
I'm looking for gyms in Middlesbrough and the nearest to me will be DW Fitness. They are offering the NHS corporate membership for £34/month on a 6 month contract, including use of gyms nationwide.

I was wondering if this is a good deal or if you think they would give a better price if I asked? It's just a big jump from my usual PureGym membership of around £20, and I don't use the spa/swimming/steam room facilities to be honest. But it seems to be my best option unfortunately.
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PureGym and the like are budget warehouse type gyms with few amenities. I guess you have to decide if it's worth paying the extra for a shorter travel, for me it would be.

Saying that, I pay £25 a month for a hole in the wall gym that's run down and has leaking ceilings whenever it rains - but it's a 5 minute walk and has what I need!

Never hurts to try and get a discount, they might try and rope you into a 12month contract if you do though.
There's no way I would tie into a six month contract with any gym, month by month only, and mines only £20 a month, just make sure you read the small print if you do go with it
Dont bother with them,i am currently serving my 30 day notice,the staff are lazy,the place is dirty,the equipment is very out of date,our showers are ahealth hazzard,they also have introduced parking eye (filth),but wont do a jot about the people who park in disabled bays with no blue badge,they know whom they are but wont do any thing,some of the staff think is is funny if anyone complains.but maybe your will be different,but i would not hold my breath.from what i have hesrd from other members,ours the blackburn one is supposed to be one of the better ones.i would say any where but dw.
hmmm thanks guys. the extra £10 seems worth it considering my time be very limited and I will likely have lots of crazy and long shifts so if the gym is too far I might be less inclined to go.

I've used the Inverness DW before and it was quite good though I paid £50 for the month I think one of because I was there on a short placement.

I think I'll try it out and sign up if everything looks ok. I'm just glad that the NHS corporate option is 6 months, discounted and includes access to all gyms because otherwise I would be paying the same for a 12 month single gym contract.

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