Is this a good deal for a contract mobile on Orange

    700 minutes to any network any time
    3000 landline minutes
    100 texts

    Nokia 5800

    For £25 a month on 18 month contract

    Or can I do better online i.e cashback and freebies.


    Depends what do you go through on average per month?

    my boy his renewing his orange contract they have offered him 600mins and unlimited texts £15 a month 18month contract and new phone

    Original Poster

    Well I dont have a landline at the moment so make about 500-800 odd minutes a month phone calls but if I ever need to make a 0845/0870 number I use the uni student support phone which is a pain but getting a landline installed when I move to a flat in next few weeks(could be anything from Thursday to 3 weeks depending on reference)

    So getting this means I would never use landline anyway.

    Id be happy with half what im getting and paying half with same mobile.

    I think one of the best deals around now for the nokia 5800 is £25 a month 600 mins unlimited texts, all the other tariffs your either not getting enough minutes/texts or you paying for the handset

    go thru quidco

    theres this tariff aswell


    go thru quidco

    i was going to suggest quidco but reading the threads i heard alot of complaints, but i think it was you earlier today said yours tracked! :-D
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