Is this a good deal for a desktop?

Evening all,

looking to get a desktop to use it for powerpoint, word, email, music, netflix/prime/iplayer and possibly the odd game of counterstrike.

HP are doing this all in package desktop with a nice looking monitor for £419 and the code 4OFFHP brings it down to £403.

I need to stick a wifi thing in/on it but can anyone think of a better deal (not build it yourself)…mp;



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Can't link it but its the HP Pavilion 500-436na Desktop PC with HP Pavilion 23” IPS Monitor £419 from their website

I think It is a decent deal without being a great one.

I bought a Dell desktop just before Xmas (no screen) at £300 that had a similar spec (but slightly better).

The screen, which is an decent IPS, sells for about £140 (though you could probably get it cheaper hunting around, or a similar screen for less).

So for £403 it is a decent deal.

You wont get Word / Powerpoint with it that will cost you extra.

do people still buy these ?

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do people still buy these ?

I'm hoping to as it'll force me not to sit in bed on my laptop!


do people still buy these ?

whilst the rise in laptop and tablet popularity has taken its toll on the desktop PC, the latter still has a purpose.

if you want a machine for gaming; buy a desktop.

if you want a machine that you can upgrade over time; buy a desktop.

I think you still get more value for money buying a desktop, though admittedly it has been a while since I last bought one (due to being able to continually upgrade it)
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