Is this a good deal for an Iphone 3gs 16gb?

    Just been offered Iphone 3gs 16gb - £28 per months for 18 or £24 per months 24 months. with 3

    900 mix and match unlimited internet ect

    Is this a good deal? how much would i get for this phone if I sold it on?

    Also will it come locked to 3?



    yes it will be locked to 3 ..... yes its a good deal BUT if u sell the … yes it will be locked to 3 ..... yes its a good deal BUT if u sell the fone on u have to be aware that the fone company could block this fone and then the buyer would be lefy with a fone thats not usableill offer u £200 for the fone its worth more but its risky

    Thats very good of you.

    When did 3 start selling iphone?

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    When did 3 start selling iphone?

    Its only available on an upgrade


    brilliant deal, but probably just because there trying to rid them as the new iphone will be out anytime soon

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    So is it not that great then? I still have time to send it back.

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    Depends if you are bothered about getting the new iphone which will be out next month.

    If you are happy with the 3GS then it's a good deal.
    Bear in mind, by the time you finish the 18 month deal the 3GS will be very old, even the new iphone that's not even out yet will be nearly 18 months old.
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