Is this a good deal for N95?

N95 old version I think, for £150? Hot or not? Thanks .


new or used???

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brand new boxed

decent price

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how much do they usually go for?

2nd hand around this price

Is this from a shop or a private sale?

whats the link ?

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It's a private sale.

Another question, can I use my T-mobile sim or do I need to unlock it if T-mobile have blocked it?

Basically (long story) the person who's selling the phone received the phone from T-mobile by someone else who did identity fraud on him, the other guy was going to intercept the delivery of 6 N95s but was too late! The seller informed T-mobile but they never bothered to pick them up (they wanted him to send them) so now he's selling them.

I think T-mobile PAYG will work but what about my T-mobile rental line sim?

If its blocked its stuffed full stop, no way round it unless you want to risk 5 years jail time for imei tampering!! Also if its not blocked but you know the seller well offer him half now and the other half in say three months time in case they do get blocked, if you dont know the seller personallky then stay well clear!!

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Day-um, I know the seller but I don't think this is worth the hassle! The phone is probably the new 8gb N95 and can buy it for £120. Has anyone had any experience of anything like this?
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