is this a good deal on laptop? whats better i3 or i5?

Found 23rd Mar 2010
A guy i know is selling his brand new sealed dell laptop, 1764 with i5 processor, 4gb ram and 500gb hard drive. 12 months warranty.

He hasnt really given a reason for the sale since he just bought it, which raises abit of suspicion and doubt. what you guys think?

theres not much difference in prices for i3 or i5 laptops on dell and samsung, what should i go for with the budget of £500
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i5 is generally better than i3. Without any more specifics, it's a bit difficult to give you any more advice.
if he is selling so quick and your are suspicious, do not buy, as your instincts are probably right

for 500 pounds, buy from dell yourself, and know what you are getting
sorry misread his message, he bought it for over £500 but selling for £450 which raises suspicion even further!
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