Is this a good deal or is there better folks?

    I'm at the end of my contract (and tether) with 3 mobile, and they offered me a rubbish deal.

    My husband is with Orange annd they have offered me a W995, 600 mins talk time, unlimited internet and texts and sat nav for £19.57pm. 24 months contract.

    Should I keep looking or does that sound like a bargain?? Been hankering after a W995 for ages and 3 said it would be £30 pm+. I'm new to all this and so all advice is appreciated!

    Luce x


    sounds ok to me bar the 24 months contract - but they're all long these days aren't they unless you want to pay extortionate amounts for the handset.

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    Thanks for that, as long as I know it's a good deal I'm happy with sticking with them.

    Have just been on the phone TWO HOURS to 3 mobile, ended up being talked into keeping my account and giving my phone to a mate who's skint - got a 30 days rolling contract with 100 x network minutes, unlimited texts and unlimited 3 to 3 calls for £9.78 pm SIM only. Said it will be good to keep my loyalty bonuses, my mate can do a change of ownership when he's back on his feet and possibly negotiate a better deal.

    Coward, I know!

    sounda like you have been robbed mate. they want you to pass everything to a friend and still pay a bill for him. id ring them back and say no. you didnt want this you wanted them to match or orange or nothing.

    why carry on with something that you dont want. what if your mate doesnt pay the bill or runs up hundreds or pounds your liable for that. seems daft to me

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    I wouldn't do it for just anyone, he's a very old and very good and honest friend in a tight spot and he will be paying me before the bill comes out, though I appreciate it's open to abuse if you do this type of thing.

    With it being a 1 month rolling contract I'm happy enough to see how it goes. :thumbsup:
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