Is this a good deal please?…201

£20 a month for Sony Ericcson Phone, unlimited txts, unlimited internet and 200 minutes? Thanks


i think you get 60 quidco too

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i think you get 60 quidco too

Thanks....anyone? Is this a good deal please????

Looks okayish to me. 200 minutes isn't a great amount of call time (about 6 minutes a day), but if unlimited internet is good for you (it sells for £5 seperately) and unlimited texting is something htat's important to you, it's alright.

Me though, I spent £36 a month on my contract for 600 mins, unlimited texts, and unlimted interweb with O2 and an X1 mobile. More expensive, but for a much, much better phone, and the extra minutes is good for a gobshte like me.

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Its the txts I use mainly Dxx, dont chat a lot txt mainly. Thanks for your help

Nae problem. Depending on how heavy a texter you are though, it might be an idea going for a phone like the X1, with a full QWERTY keyboard. They're fantastic. I used to hate texting, I found it so cumbersome and slow to do. I hated having to constantly think about how to get a letter and manipulate the predictive text system to do what I want, and always conciously being aware of the phone not recognising half the words I wanted to write with it. QWERTY though, you just type as you do with a normal keyboard, except with your thumbs rather than your fingers. It does take a little getting used to, but after a couple of days, you'll find yourself writing texts the way you write emails. It's so fast and easy, and you can get totally carried away and write 15-page messages before you even realise it. 'Tis great.

Great if you don't mind being on 3. A friend of mine is, and has spotty coverage, though I'll concede it's getting a lot better. Unlimited texts and internet is stonking, the phone's not bad at all. I'm going to see if I can argue that with O2 when I go to renew my contract, unlimited internet = very yes

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Thanks everyone...think I will pass and see what the other networks offerring Rep left
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