Is this a good deal - Virgin?

    I have M Broadband, M phone, XL tv, extra set top box with Virgin Media. Been with them for years. Its going up and I will be paying £46 for these services. Called them for another discount, they said I am already getting a good discount. What do you think?

    They do not even do M BB so what is this about and its even more than Large BB???


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    Main services (Provided by Virgin Media Ltd or Virgin Media Payments Ltd) £44.09
    Description Date/period Amount
    Telephone Line Rental 05 February - 04 March £12.24
    Loyalty Pack B B/ Phone/TV B 05 February - 04 March £-19.50
    Talk Weekends 05 February - 04 March £0.00
    Fully Itemised Billing 05 February - 04 March £0.00
    TV Size: X L 05 February - 04 March £25.00
    1 Additional V Box 05 February - 04 March £15.00
    V+ HD Box 05 February - 04 March £0.00
    Add Set Box(es) Discount 05 February - 04 March £-9.40
    Broadband Size: M 05 February - 04 March £20.75

    Will go up to £46 in April

    I think ur getting a good deal compared to me! Think i mite give them a call tomorrow,

    I don't think you can grumble at that, if you want to push them I'm on a similar deal without the extra box , and have been offered a free upgrade to the new 30mb broadband for not much extra per month can't remember off the top of my head how much, but they want me to sign up for a contract again, not decided what to do yet

    Sorry just re read your post l bb is now 30mb instead of 20mb, this may why they are charging you more maybe they have scrapped the 10 mb or are intending to, will have to look in to it, intresting if your under a contract
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