Is this a good deal? Wii + Wiifit and extra?

Found 24th Aug 2008
Nintendo Wii Console
Wii Sports
Nintendo Wii Mario Kart Wii with wii wheel
Wii Fit
Wii Play
2 x Wii Numchuck
2 x wireless Wii Remote Controller.


Is this a good price or way too much??


For me it seems way to much, although all sold separately it's an ok deal.

Is it from a shop?

the games that you have mentioned are very good, especially Mario Kart Wii.

You seem to be able to get some good deals on the Wii at the moment so probably not such a good price. Currys are doing Wii console with free Mario Kart game for £179.99, you always get Wii sports, one handset and one nunchuck included in the basic Wii console pack anyway so that would leave you with £150 to get Wii Fit (usually £69 but admittedly tricky to find), Wii Play that always comes with another handset (usually £25 to £30, £27 in stock at The Hut), Nunchucks are around £10-£15 which at the most comes to £110 so £40 cheaper than your bundle if you're prepared to shop around a bit.

Try out [url][/url] for a price check on the different items, it will tell you where is cheapest.

This package might be of interest to you ]http//ww…id=
PCWORLD £224 for wii console with Mario Kart and two sets of controllers with nunchuck, Wii fit is available from asda fo £70, then get wii play from ebay about £10 maybe less (loads available as people buy wii play as it comes with a free controller but you would already have 2 controllers so just want game)
Total £304ish
or buy wii play new for £28 from asda and then have 3 contollers, Total £322

Yep the above packagae is about £50/£60 overpriced IMO

Wii w/Mario Kart £180 (offer on here)
Wii Play £30 (Amazon) - Extra Remote
Wii Chuck £15 (Anywhere - can also be had for a few quid less)
Wii Fit £70 - (have to use website to find stock)

That works out at £295 but there are some better offers which will get this down to £280-£290. Also could pick up Wii Play and Extra Nunchuck off this site
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