Is this a good deal/TV, and has anyone used Ebuyer?

Found 13th Oct 2017
Buying a TV for someone who really isn’t in to specifics, the latest HD tv etc. So I’m just wondering for the size of the tv is this a good deal? Also wondering if anyone has ordered from this website, as this product is ex-display so unsure what I would receive...…-4k
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Just looked under discussions on here for and to be fair there doesn't seem to be any bad reviews for them except for delivery date delays.
The only thing I would be concerned about is that their own 90 day warranty supersedes any other product warranty.
As long as you're happy buying an ex-display item that might have been on for over 12 hours a day for an unknown amount of time (and might not have the correct remote control) and delivered in their own packaging then go for it.
Pesonally, I would avoid any ex-display model and get the manufacturers warranty with a new one. After all there is bound to be something in their small print that they will use as a get out clause if something goes wrong.
It's only £12 odds more for new rather than ex-display.…-4k
Goodmans/Cello generally receive the worst reviews on the market. I believe they don't use the usual budget manufacturer Vestel but source their TVs from an unknown chinese brand.

If you're not in any hurry then you can likely pick up a Samsung M5500 for that sort of money over the next few months which is likely your best bet. The M5510 and M5600 are the same TV with different coloured casings. That's about the best bet if you're not going to be feeding it 4K etc. content.
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