Is this a good desktop deal? and are OCUK any good

    Am tempted by this…-OK

    But am put off by the numerous sites slagging off OCUK, has anyone used them recently? and where they any good?


    I think the problem with Overclockers is that sells expensive things. Some of the computer stuff are only for people that really know what they want like top quality items, silent stuff, overclorcked, etc. But at the same time people that know a lot about computers they probably can find some of those parts cheaper somewhere else.

    The way I look at it is you you like good computer stuff and don't want the hassle to build it yourself or don't have the time then overclorckers is a good option (just to clarify I said good option not cheap option).

    I bought a few graphics cards, headset and other stuff from them and had no problems.

    Not sure if the PC that you are looking at is a good deal or not. There is only one thing that I could mention do you really need an SLi machine? You probably can get a better single card than those two 9500GT in SLi and maybe for a simliar price and it will not be as loud or hot as an SLi.

    Seems relatively decent and not bad value for money - i have bought things from overclockers many times before and not had any major problems to be honest. However i have never bought a full system.
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