Is this a good gaming PC and all round family PC?

Posted 27th Nov
Afternoon All

Is the PC on the following Amazon link a good gaming PC to play the likes of Fortnite, Minecraft, and any other games the youth are into today?

Its been so long since i had a windows PC im not sure about the specs.

Its only for a 10yr old to play games on etc, the rest of the family will use it as a normal PC, homework, emails, daily browsing etc.

Is its a good deal for the price, and would it be a super great deal if i got it last week for £430???

Many thanks
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Gpu is dated and weak, better off with 16gb of ram and the keyboard, mouse and headset are pants, it’s all show and no substance...

if you got for £430 and it’s for a 10 year old he’ll thinks it’s good with all the lights... but no no n
The 10 year old will outgrow it in a year and you may find it's not cost effective to upgrade.

Better off paying a bit extra from somewhere like ccl and knowing all the internals and then you can create an upgrade path for when your kid wants something faster.
Many thanks to both of you for the honest replies. Will take them on board. I will look into CCL as well.
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