Is this a good laptop deal

    Hi, Looking for a laptop for my Daughter who is 18. It will be used for College work and using MSN.Facebook etc, can any of you tech guys out there let me know whether the following is a good deal? Thanks

    Advent Verona Silver 13.3" Widescreen Laptop

    Advents Verona combines style with high-performance, boasting a 250GB hard drive and 3GB of RAM; this Intel® Celeron® M Processor ULV 723 powered notebook is complete with Windows® 7 Home Premium.
    Intel Celeron processor 723
    (1.2Ghz, 800Mhz, 1MB Cache)
    Genuine Windows (R) 7 Home Premium
    3GB Memory
    250GB Hard drive
    Up to 3.5 hours battery life
    Weight 1.6 kg
    1.3 megapixel webcam
    Bluetooth connectivity
    Wireless enabled


    £££££££ ?


    £££££££ ?

    haha thts what i was thinkin lol

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    Whoops, it would help wouldn't it - LOL - £349.00

    Cheers and sorry

    it would be ok as long as she doesnt want to play games or move away from a power source

    for interweb, word processing etc be fine

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    Cheers, she sometimes plays online games via facebook etc, would it be OK?

    yes facebook games ok, 3d shoot-em-up's probably not so great

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    Great, thanks

    theres no DVD drive on these machines.
    just a heads up.


    Whoops, it would help wouldn't it - LOL - £349.00Cheers and sorry

    It could be an awfully slow processor, it is a Core 2 (penryn) Celeron but it's only a single core one. On the other hand it is very cheap for a 1.6kg laptop.

    The low-end CULV processors aren't used much so I don't know how it actually performs. Have you had a play with it? Advent as the DSG brand (PC World/Dixons/Curries) so they may have it in their shops.


    Heres a good … Heres a good deal.

    That's a lot heavier.

    Yes but its going to be used for college work at presumingly why have spend money on something crappy like that.

    I wouldnt waste money on an advent...they will last just over a year if your lucky!

    Spend your £350 or maybe another £50 if you can and your find a dual cored processor which will last longer then 13months.

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    Thanks for all your help
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