Is this a good laptop for the price

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I just wanna play league of legends really and a laptop under £200
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i'd say this is par for the course with prices generally atm, they have spiked up in my opinion to 2 years ago. we can blame inflation but I feel they'll go back down again sooner or later. the processor speed isn't great but for the price, it's what you're going to have to expect even though it is used. I'm assuming you'll get no more than a 3 month guarantee if that. you're using it for gaming so are you planning to download stream or origin? because if so, I doubt this machine will have enough muscle to play it buffer free at least from time to time.
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i dont use steam atm, but will probably do yeah, i dont know if youre interested but i found a website called caniplayit which compare your spec to the games spec pretty handed. but yeah thanks the reply i might take a stab and get it
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