Is this a good Laptop or is there a better alternative?

    Is this a good for the money or does anyone else know of a better alternative for around that price?
    I'm just getting into gaming and was advised to get a PC instead of a PS4 but i would like it to be mobile. I not fussed about amazing graphics as long as i could run them on med-high.…tml

    Thank you.


    I'm afraid you would struggle play the latest games on this even on medium settings. Really if you want a gaming laptop you would need to add a couple of hundred on to your budget at least.

    What kind of games are you looking to play?

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    I was told to go for this one because a friend uses the same a10 in a desktop unit and his looks fine to me. His doesn't have the dedicated graphics this one has, so he said it could be better. I just wanted to know if there was any alternative.

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    He was playing arma and battlefield 4 and they were the ones I liked the look off.

    Just looked and the dedicated graphics in that laptop are plenty good for what you want, ignore the above. Performance is similar to the old nvidia 630m gt, which isn't too bad. medium at 1366x768 isn't too bad

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    Thanks. Midurix. Is there anything else that would be better for around the same price ?


    I was told to go for this one because a friend uses the same a10 in a … I was told to go for this one because a friend uses the same a10 in a desktop unit and his looks fine to me.

    Are you sure it's the same A10? Does he have a mini PC or something? The Desktop A10s are significantly faster than the Mobile ones (they don't have the strict heat limits to worry about).


    medium at 1366x768 isn't too bad

    For a strategy game possibly. 25fps average will be unplayable for a fast paced competitive game. Assuming they are average and not minimum, but the comment below does say 'The benchmarks indicate that the game is not playable in the tested settings'. And yes, it is Dual Graphics but at that generation it's apparently doesn't work effectively.

    On that budget I'd definitely look second hand, I'd suspect you can get something much faster.


    either one of these … either one of these better?

    No, not really. Don't let the 7 in the name Geforce 720M fool you. That part is either low-end Fermi (aka Geforce 400 series) or low-end Kepler (Geforce 600 series). Either way it is very slow:…tml
    But then your original isn't that fast either:…tml
    Of course, either of those have a faster CPU score:
    i7-3537U = 3909 (Asus Dabs)
    i5-3337U = 3249 (Asus Ebuyer)
    A10-5745M = 2784 (HP PC Worlds)
    but for gaming it makes more sense to get a decent graphic card.

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    I'm not too bothered about the look, as long it runs and does lag. First ones probally the better one out of the 3 and for around that £350-450

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    Doesn't lag*
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