Is this a good notebook

    Can anyone tell me if this is a good laptop as I have never had HI-GRADE before.…e=4



    It is well overpriced at £999.99

    It is not even Core 2 Duo and does not have a graphics card.

    You could get a far better laptop for the money.

    Ker-ist that's bordering on highway robbery. Genuinely, I'm astonished that anywhere would have the front to charge those prices for that equipment.

    Many, many other places to look.
    Dell most immediately springs to mind and are touted on this board regularly. Not the best, not the worst but most often good VFM.

    Here's another place, not the cheapest, not the most expensive but are frequently noted in the press and am really only to give you a better idea what to expect for your money (or less, as i say there are cheaper out there)…SL7

    I second the site below by Ad arm too..have bought 3 laptops from them all arrived pretty much the instant i put the phone down and were the cheapest I could find.

    look at

    If you want high end I'd go with HP (not compaq) and aim for a three year warranty, look around and post your finds, if I don't reply PM me...
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