Is this a good price for a New Roof, guttering and partition wall

    1 Erect scaffolding to front and rear
    2 Remove old roof
    3 Fit new felt and tile battens
    4 Fit any concrete tile
    5 Fit new lead work and ridge tiles
    6 Replace guttering on front and back
    7 Build partition wall using block and mortar (loft)
    8 Dispose of all waste

    Total Price inc VAT £3700


    Sounds abit too cheap. That's a very good price for all that

    its around 2.5k - 3k for a roof replacement for a terrace house. Then add the additional wall u need building it seems resonable.

    Acctually yeah your right I had a a figure in my head for mine and it about 2.5k I was thinking different price. My bad. Good price tho


    cracking price .

    Where are you located? That's cheap!

    depends how big your roof is

    Scaffold front and rear £800 = 1k
    New roof front and rear = £3500 = 4k
    Skip = £300
    Guttering / Facias = £800 - 1k
    Dividing wall in loft = £1500

    Total = £6`100.00

    I would get a 2nd and 3rd Quote to compare

    Is it a semi-detached property,if it is it seems a bit too cheap even for Manc .

    Have you checked whether they have the correct insurance etc or are they fly by night builders
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