Is this a once in lifetime chance to change the world?

Posted 24th Mar
I've been thinking, as shoppers we've generally shopped where is the cheapest as it seemed we had very little power against the big boys, now all that has changed!

if and it's a big if we wanted to we could basically take down say sports direct or amazon or whoever when this is over by simply not using them, we could only shop ethically and they would be out of business simply in days.

Dont get me wrong I think it's unlikely anything will change as humans (me Included) are inherently selfish..

However... I don't think we will ever have a better chance of doing it!
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The answer to your question is no
The answer to your question is no
The Thanos method is faster

Desperately trying to think of something 'witty' and topical but coming up empty.

I'll leave it to Greta and her entourage to lead the charge. I'll bet she's already got plans to use this pandemic as a rallying cry for the planet to "heal" now there's not so many environment-destroying vehicles on the roads. Heck, who knows? This might spell the premature end to her campaign and she'll be able to return to being just a nice, ordinary young girl with no stresses and worries...

Anyhoo DB (Greta), I don't think things will change as people will ALWAYS need their cheap Dunlop wellies!

Keep safe all, Phsy.
Retailers would be way down the list on my change the world to do list.

Near top priority would be reining in the media, specifically right leaning tabloids that have helped build a sense of panic over covid-19 with their sensationlist bait headlines.

You are correct, this coronavirus will alter significantly how we live in the future about globalisation and who are the people, friends, relatives that one can count on, plus ones that you can hollow out.
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