Is this a phone bargain

Found 28th Feb
Looked at this, 32gb, 3g ram and 6 inch screen yet just over 100 quid. I've had Cubit before and been impressed. However it says ships from Manchester and when u look further some confusion over whether they are based in US or Thailand. I find my current 1gb ram machine doesn't handle video streaming too good.

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They are in Thailand, very common for overseas sellers claiming they are in London or Manchester etc.

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they may have imported bulk already knowing they will sell to save on shipping costs
that phone is a cubot not a cubit
It has the specs you list, but that doesn't warrant the price necessarily. The screen could be rubbish for example and the resolution isn't fantastic for today's standards. Processor could be rubbish also.
I'd pick a Xiaomi anyday over this.
Go for the Redmi 5 plus 3GB £110
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