Is this a silly question? Would anyone be interested in buying a video player?

    As title says I have a video player, well 2 actually (different makes) and also a few videos. Would any anyone be interested in buying them if I were to put them on a thread in the for sale section?


    video player = VHS ?

    possibly people might be feeling nostalgic after seeing be kind rewind, but i doubt it.

    I think someone might. My daughter has nearly a hundred cartoon videos and i would never get rid of her video player as then she would have nothing to watch them on

    Someone might people are buying HD-DVD players and more videos are avaliable than HD-DVD's...

    ... I binned mine

    less than a tenner each from any car boot or Cash Converters, id hazard the posting cost would be enough to put most off.

    how much including p & p

    Video. Whats that? Is it some sort of new super cool technology?

    This this a riddle too?

    Original Poster


    how much including p & p

    I 'll have to weigh them and get back to you on the postage. How much do you think would be a fair price for the player/recorder?
    Where abouts in Wales are you as my in-laws are from south wales and they are visiting this weekend, if you are near by I could send it down with them

    im in north wales,not sure on price though let me know what u think when u know weight thanks
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