Is this a trusted website?

Found 9th Apr 2018

Has anyone bought from this website ?

Is it reliable?

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Don't know if is reliable but they seem legit(ish)
Website registered 1st Jan 2018.
Looking at Trustpilot AVOID
company has nothing to do with or to be confused with GTech owned by the (always on telly adverts) Nick Grey

I found it a bit dubious. for example a Microsoft Surface Book 2 i7 16gb ram 1tb storage is sold for £857 which is low compared to £3k on amazon. any thoughts?

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If is too good to be true! AVOID IT!
It doesn't take too long to unravel it.
The Whois page says it is registered to
Registrant: G TECH (UK) LIMITED
Registrant type: UK Limited Company, (Company number: 10349410)
Registrant's address: ... GLASGOW ...

A quick google of "G TECH (UK) LIMITED" reveals a company formed in 2017 with £100 capital, registered in Newbury. 'Filleted accounts' (sic) say they have assets of £10K in August 17.

Their T&C's refer to G Teck Uk (sic) - can't even spell their own name correctly.
Would you trust now?
Scam to abuse Nick Grey's name.
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Sounds legit
Question has been asked before.…100

I wouldn't trust them!

If you have a couple of minutes to spare both Directors have Facebook accounts. Don't look like they Director's of "one of the major consumer electronic retail and wholesale companies around the globe" to me!
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