is this actually good value? (sky broadband, tv and phone deal)

    Last week we discovered that the house we rent has no outside ariel only a sky dish meaning we will need to get sky or something to be able to watch any tv?

    so is this deal any good. we thought we may as well get broadband with it due to me requiring it when i begin work

    18 pounds/month for 1 mix package
    10 per month unlimited broadband
    0 per month for evening and weekend calls

    on top of that we will have to pay bt 12per month line rental

    also in the 1st month if we take the full package (45 per month) we can have a sky + box installed

    also 30 installation fee

    so i was wondering is this actually good value
    Also i take it we cant ask the landlord to just put in a normal ariel could we because we werent alerted to this extra cost when we moved in seems to have decent speeds in our area for broadband


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    anyone? the guy from sky is going to phone today so wondering if i should go for it or not

    when he phones back say you don't think the price quoted is the best they can offer!

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    what sort of price do you think i should aim for?

    I think it is good value and we were going to go for the deal recently , BUT because BT in our area have not got the lines up to scratch it was going to cost us more . I picked up a leaflet recently .............see ,speak ,surf for only £26 a month , but you have to have a BT line ................were on talk talk at the moment .
    Another good deal is 02 . Visit there website and put in your postcode or phone number . I did last night and again because of BT instead of a cheaper package we would be paying £27 a month . I am beginning to think BT are deliberately not updateing the lines/exchanges as they can demand more money from third party companys . I believe normaly companys fit there own equipment and hire lines from BT , where there is no upgraded lines the companys have to use BT's equipment .thus costing more . It gave a reason like this on the 02 website .

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    yeah its that see, speak surf thing were considering, its just the bt line rental which is making it seem quite expensive to us

    I have free Broadband from Sky (think its a 2GB usage allowance) where you only need a BT phoneline.
    Not sure if its a option in NI and where you are, but although the speed will be a bit slower than the 'unmetered' unless you do movie type downloading sure its quick enough.

    With Sky+ when I took it out you needed to have Sports or Movies to have the functionality of Sky+ enabled else it was a £10 charge - not a issue if you have them but if your planning on turning them off something to think about

    Allstar 2, have a look here as this may save you some money if you know anyone else who is with sky. Free Sky + or free £50 M&S Voucher if they introduce you to sky. ; )

    Can you get virgin in your area?
    Ive got their free tv (as i dont have an outside ariel), line rental and 2mb broadband for £20 a month.

    And there's no limits on virgin broadband either

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    john are virgin any good?

    i heard alot of bad reviews about them hence my reluctance to go to them

    Ive been with virgin since they where telewest. Never had a problem with them in over 10years. whether i've just been lucky or what. Installation is £25 but unlike sky you dont own their box so if you leave they take it back. this means however, if anything goes wrong with the box they will come and fix it for free, and not just in the first year.

    The only downside is you dont get sky one, sky sports news etc.... but you get virgin tv on demand with bbc iplayer as standard.
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