Found 31st Oct 2010
Please click here and read through, especially my last post:…663

Is that allowed? And also he didn't mention the 'fault' in which you can clearly see he was refunded some money.

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Out of order if you ask me, hope he has a nice holiday! and you apparently! lol
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Serious, I'm gobsmacked.

I'll address the points later, but having you point to a thread which contains several deleted/hidden bumps by yourself takes some doing,


Hahaha. OP got more than they bargained for.


although on the actual topic it's very naughty of the seller.


Back to the question you posed bhav007,

The 2 bundles are different, therefore we won't get involved in complaints regarding profiteering. Whilst it may be the same console, we're getting into dangerous grounds if we start putting our own valuations on game bundles.

Therefore, apart from blatant disrespect by you to other members (excessively promoting your own thread to the detriment if others who adhere to the rules) I see nothing wrong.

Your thread has been closed and usual infractions applied for trading breach.


it seems you are both out of order, although that doesnt make it right what the seller was up to either

What did he do wrong?



What did he do wrong?

Read this thread and you'll get your answer.

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