is this allowed by mods

    i accepted a deal for a psp on a thread on here and agreed with main selling that i would give me a deposit and then pay the remaining when i get paid.

    and the mods have expired the thead so i cant post in it so how am i going to contact the sell via thread to let him know the other payments gone in via paypal as am not allowed to have anything to do with sales via pm except payment details its all go to be in thread so when i give him the reamining i was going to leave him a message saying remaning payment been sent and to wait for a respone to say he had recived it and then for one when i got it and he had posted it

    as i thoguht on fs and ft threads you have to let them no via thread when payment was sent and when item was recived and posted ect



    Deal has been done, PM till your hearts content.

    You only have to agree to the deal in the thread, you've done that so anything regarding payment etc. can be done by PM / E-Mail / Phone Call, pretty much however you like

    The threads still open so you can post in it anyway it's only expired so that no one see's the thread and thinks the PSP is still for sale


    Thread in question:…965

    The thread isnt locked so you can still post and pm etc the seller....think u can still leave feedback too?

    Original Poster Banned

    ok as i wasnt sure,
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