is this an ebay scam or just a numb seller?

320364411859 item number


hmm seems a bit iffy, the feedback seems good, but not sure about the description on this item..


you buy that, wave good by to your money.

i just offered £5

Funny how the guy's camera was working fine a week ago, but now, when he somehow acquires two of the same phone, it breaks. Hmmm.

Sounds iffy by description alone but then again, feedback very good.

Gut reaction says no though.


i just offered £5

the porter;5034309

lol good lad i might try a tenner ;-)

Trumped ya both with £12.57:p

I think he fully deserves all the respect any other eBay seller could expect and I hope his disabled brother manages to have a wonderful holiday.

Second thoughts... What a pr**k!!!
(Still, might offer him £15 ;-)

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