Is this an ok laptop price

    I like the look of the acer aspire and i picked this one out today at the shops its an Acer Aspire 7730 at £429.99
    Would someone tell me if it is ok for the price thanks,…jsp[email protected]@@@[email protected]@@@&BV_EngineID=cccjadegdkklldjcflgceggdhhmdfhm.0&category_oid=&sku=322255&page=Product&fm=null&sm=null&tm=null

    Is it any good???


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    please someone help me

    RAM - good
    Processor - good
    Hard drive - ok
    Operating System - bad
    I dont know about the graphics card though.

    Overall seems an ok system. Only problem is its an acer. Ive had 3 faulty ones.

    IF you werent to bothered about the 17 inch screen theres a dell for £399 in pcworld as well which has slightly less memory but its enough, larger hard drive and better OS. same processor…ned

    but in answer to your questions, its not a bad system, i think some people have had issues with acers though

    or there is this Toshiba @ staples which has a 15.4" screen but a bigger HD @ 250gb, i bought this for my OH and it is a cracking piece of eq both spec wise and looks wise.…=WW

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    Thanks for your replies, i will sort some rep out as soon as i can.
    The answers to the above is that when i went to look at laptops yesterday i liked the look of the acer and i really wanted a 17" screen. I am not too keen on dell laptops although i know you can get more for the money but as i am really struggling to get anything knocked off the laptops i wanted to know if it was an ok laptop and price. My buying techniques must be really bad cos no-one is budging on offers at all they laugh at me.
    I thought they were needing to sell stuff an yet why cant i get a bargain??????

    Me in the same pickle as well.

    The only real holdback for me is the percieved make of "Acer"

    I had a quick look in PCWorld and it aint too bad looking, and it feels sturdy. I had a look at the toshibas, and I was not impressed by how flimsy the plastic and the keyboards were. Not sure if I tested the the above staples model or not, hence my reservation to just buy that one. I am just not a Dell person either for some reason.

    I am also slightly biased by the HDMI with HDCP port. It also has another Acer EasyPort IV connector, what is that exactly?

    Good posts on here, will update if I take the plunge:thumbsup:

    Just wanted to add, new model very recently introduced, why price drop? maybe just nothing


    yh, some good replies;
    nowadays for 400 you should get at least:

    -windows vista home premium or ultimate
    -intel core 2 duo - 2gb or more ram
    -15 inch screen bigger
    -dvd drive, maybe even blu-ray
    -should be 2.0ghz or faster
    -hdd 100gb +

    hope that helps
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