is this an ok machine

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    i went in pcworld today and the man in there told me that they are not very good ... but my daughter loves the colour... is it as bad as he made out or was he just trying to get me to spend more.... if anyone knows where i can get a better machine in a simular colour that would be great


    i think it is good for the price but vista would be slow on it. u would be better off with windows xp running on it and as long as you are just browsing the internet and writing stuff then it is good.
    this is because the celeron processor is slow and it doesnt have much memory.

    Have just got my partner one of these.
    They told us it would be very slow.
    infact everything we told him it would be used for would be very slow.
    My reply was "its ok, shes abit slow herself"

    Anyways the machine is fine.
    Fine for browsing,chatting,email,music etc...infact browsing is faster on that laptop than my own.
    Wouldnt be worth getting if she was looking at playing games on it though.

    Did kinda puzzle me why they would sell this machine and then stand there and say its ****.

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    they have a next model up for £349 which i would pay and that has twice as much memory ... would it run vista better on that ... i was shocked the way he was talking

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    she wouldnt be playing any games on it but would be uploading photos to her website ... would it handle that? im going to buy the next model which has 1 gb memory instead of 512

    Vista really does need a minimum of 1GB to even get started - certainly 512 is not enough even for home basic as Microsoft make out.

    Bottom line is it's a single core celeron (that's a bad thing) laptop with an average amount of's not going to run great but it's a good basic laptop, won't do much in the way of multitasking or multimedia.

    its a poor value for a laptop
    for £350+ u can get
    dual core
    1 or if your lucky 2gb of ram
    a bigger hard drive

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    when it comes to my daughter choosing a laptop as far as we get is the colour of the case lol

    Get he best spec laptop within your price range, and paint the case.
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