Is this any good?

    Saw this…tml

    It has everything I want, but would prefer it a bit cheaper. This would seem like a good buy for £500. Any thoughts.


    It's £519 plus £6 delivery. Maybe your 500 came from the fact you can get 4.2% cash back via Top Cash Back....?

    Not a bad deal - if you have the required skill set, I'd go for a custom build which will cost a bit less and give you better hardware (motherboard, RAM, hard drive and SSD) as these 'great price' offers from the likes of Medion tend to have the lowest spec possible (likely an 'old' chipset motherboard, 1600mhz RAM, Seagate hard drive and anything but Crucial, Samsung, SanDisk (etc) for the SSD.

    Building your own would allow you to get a newer, better motherboard (newer chipset is nearly always advantageous) and faster RAM and potentially a more reliable, faster hard drive and SSD.

    Another factor to think about - the Medion computer I got in the office a few years ago had a fairly locked down BIOS and therefore couldn't take a CPU upgrade and didn't support faster RAM speeds, so was good at the time, but within a couple of years, when an upgrade was sought, it also required the purchase of a new motherboard too - so be wary of the potential inability to upgrade in future without further costs which would be avoided (presuming you purchase wisely now) in building a custom build.

    wow....great info grant!

    Original Poster

    Cheers grant - food for thought £500 is my budget but what's £20 between friends?!
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